"I 'spect you wish my skin was made of glass, so you could see what I'm digesting.   But the feeling's mutual, and there are a lot more of you than there are of me."  --Robyn Hitchcock, live at the Knitting Factory, NYC, March 1997

Glass Flesh

the one and only world-wide ongoing tribute to the music of Robyn Hitchcock, since 1994.

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Glass Flesh is a world-wide Robyn Hitchcock tribute project that has seen the creation of multiple cassette and professional CD releases. Participants have included such indie darlings as singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt and members of the beloved "Elephant 6" collective - including members of such groups as the Decemberists, Elf Power, Marshmallow Coast and others.


October 31, 2011: Volume Four is released!

Another good old-fashioned physical disc packed with over 75 minutes of quality Robyn Hitchcock cover-age. If we may say so, we feel we've outdone ourselves yet again.... Listen to lengthy high-quality excerpts here.

Here is the track listing:

1 The Misbelieves: Take this in Remembrance  3:09. A striking full-band take on this little-known gem.

2 John Kanis: Fifty-two Stations 3:47. Clever and powerful, with an intriguing lyric change about a minute in.

3 Mark Gloster: Beautiful Queen of Eyes 8:18. Super epic underwater version.

4 Full Dimensional: Zipper in my Spine 1:52. Garage band madness.

5 Kevin Slick: Kingdom of Love 3:53. The grass is bluer on the other side.

6 Chris Huff: Acid Bird 4:29. Techno - the other white meat. Beaty and bouncy!

7 Modest Mr Brown: Vibrating 3:31. Modest Mr. Brown comes vibrating into your heart (ex-Elf Power.)

8 Kevin Slick: Flesh Number One 3:20. Check out the ending for an Easter egg.

9 The Four Elements: Filthy Bird* 4:55. Female vocals and a string section!

10 Edward of Sim: Out of the Picture 3:38. Stunning all-vocal rendition (even the drums!)

11 Dolph Chaney: Glass 2:09. Fascinating and complex.

12 Kevin Slick: Balloon Man 3:18. More inspired bluegrass-weaving.

13 Lazerlove 5: Sweet Ghost of Light* 3:46. Charming and sweet.

14 Paul Montagne: Flesh Cartoons 4:25. It's live! IT'S LIVE!!

15 Onkel Jose: Winter Love* 3:11. Intruiging take on a dark and lovely song - with rain stick.

16 The Number Nine Line: Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) 5:30. NoNL twiddles the dial like never before.

17 2OF: The Face of Death 4:16.
2OF is Ross Overbury: Guitar, vox
Bob Donaldson: MIDI drums and synths
With the Monkoids: Rex Broome, Bayard Catron, Bob Donaldson, Luther Wells-Dudich, Brian Huddell, Andrew Krivanek, Terrence Marks, Ross Overbury, woj. Ross: "A blast from the past for me. An old Soft Boys number, some longtime feg-friends, a cover concept from the '90s and my band from the '70s come together."

18 Nismo S. Rebrot: My Wife and my Dead Wife 4:17. This one - crystalline and gleaming - is from the GF vaults, where it's been lurking since 1994.

19 Kevin Slick: Madonna of the Wasps 3:57. Probably the saddest GF track ever, but beautifully done.

total time 1 hour, 15 min, 41 sec.  (75:41)

*Featuring super sweet female vocals

Get yours before they're gone...

What is GLASS FLESH 3?

It's our third CD release (The first was in 1996 and the second was in 2001.) This one is an extremely limited edition home made CD-R. All 30 copies of this release have been sold! Thanks for your interest.

You can hear samples of all of the three discs at MySpace.

Advantages of the CD-R over downloading the MP3s only:

  • Plays in any CD player or computer
  • You have a physical backup of the music on disc
  • Very nifty and clever artwork and design by Hipgnomis
  • Numbered limited edition disc is highly collectible
  • Higher sound quality on many tracks


This is the tracklisting, with links to find out more about these fine musical artists.

1 Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) - Hope Chest
A cheerful rendition, featuring a little Roxy Music music at the end.

2 Raining Twilight Coast - Jen Bernard
Beautiful and spare live track from the Robyn tribute gig in Portland, OR in 2000. [mp3]

3 Chinese Bones - Mark Gloster
Mark the Shark does it again with a powerful and well rendered track, his third for the Glass Flesh endeavor.

4 Knife - Dolph Chaney
Some flat out cool sound collages make this cut a winner - indeed, better than the original.

5 A Happy Bird is a Filthy Bird - The Love Tree
Again, I'd rate this above the original recording.

6 Luminous Rose - 4 Elements
It's the song many RH fans love to hate, but what a beautiful interpretation with a string section and female vocals.

7 Old Pervert - Smelly Tongues
The other live track on this disc, it's a kick down the doors barn burner.

8 Do Policemen Sing - Centralux
Brilliant take on a classic Hitchcock tune - faithful, yet creative.

9 The Pigworker - Ryan Conners
A sort of BBC Radiophonic Workshop influence graces this early song - unexpected and stylistically inventive.

10 When I Was Dead - 50 Cent Haircut
A smoky country and western flavor infuses what some have called the best Robyn Hitchcock cover they've ever heard. [mp3]

11 Veins of the Queen - Yarn
Deep and complex; highly listenable and catchy. [mp3]

12 Never Stop Bleeding - Lamps
The breathwork will leave you breathless.

13 Creatures of Light - Monkey Typing Pool
Epic take on this little known track released only on flexidisc in the dark days of the early 90s.

14 Birdshead - Skates & Rays
Fun and energy-packed tune bursts from your speakers.

15 Give it to the Soft Boys - The X-mans
Spiffy version with rainstick features (as far as I know) the only father-daughter team to record a Hitchcock song.

16 The Man Who Invented Himself - Adam Leonard
An infectious folk drone version of this great Syd Barrett tribute from Black Snake Diamond Role.

17 If You Were a Priest - The Cogs
Sweet and short post-punk confection. [mp3]

18 The Man with the Lightbulb Head - Gareth Davies
Faithful and fun right down to the evil laugh!

19 Only the Stones Remain - Number Nine Line
NoNL venture into eastern-mysticism-inspired trance music - no survivors. (Except Stonehenge).

20 So You Think You're in Love - Canadian Invasion
Slow and savory, it gets under your skin in a good way.

Previous Releases of GLASS FLESH

The Second CD (2001)
is known as Glass Flesh 2

The First CD (1996)
you can read about the first CD on the venerable fegmania.org, cornerstone of Robyn content on the web.

The Cassettes (1994-5)
There's a legacy site dedicated to the Cassettes on the venerable fegmania.org as well.

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