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Bienvienidos! "Mi Jardin es Su Jardin" and "Sanctuary Natural".

Near David (pronounced "Dahveed") is a little tiny mountain town called Boquete (pronounced "BoKETay".).  Boquete is a little town in the mountains of northwestern Panama.  It's really nice there cos it's 10 to 20 degrees cooler than anywhere else in the country!

The sign at left says "Welcome to this natural sanctuary.  The source of the Duendes"  (I don't know what duendes are)

Note the little gnomes/imps/trolls whatever.  The sunny photos below are from Mi Jardin.  The shadier ones are from the Sanctuary.  Mi Jardin es Su Jardin is (as the name suggests) a vast free garden anyone can visit.


There's more info hidden in the alt-text of the photos below.  Move your mouse pointer over them to reveal the info.

Moo!  This is not a real cow, but the ponds and plants go on for miles! There were all kinds of play equipment, a giant swing, even a waterslide (that pete would not let me slide down.)
Little cardboard animals frolic in the garden Here we see the charming Mr and Mrs Hedges
High on a mountain road, we saw a very tiny man far away The fisherman is a cat and there is a cute sign behind him which we couldn't read
Breathtaking views abound The Black Rabbit let me get nice and close before he bit me
Ah!  so THERE's the Ruta... La Computadora Biologica was our window on the world.

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